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Village Service Volunteers

Village services volunteers provide direct services to village members. Service volunteers are complely in control of when and how often they volunteer.

When a member needs help with a task, they request a service by phone or online. The next moring, the service request is sent by email to volunteers who are interseted in providing that particular type of service. The first volunteer to accept the service request is assigned and recives contact information for the member. The assigned volunteer contacts the member to schedule a time to provide the service. 

To receive service requests for the following Tasks, please update your online volunteer profile.


Volunteer drivers use their own vehicles to help members with:

  • Shopping and errands
  • Medical appointments
  • Other local destinations
  • Airport transport
  • Small group adventures (multiple members in one vehicle)
    • Lunch, coffee, thrift stores, garage sales, movie, museum, community events, etc. 

Friendly Visitor 

Volunteers visit with members in the member's home to provide social interaction. Visits can include: 

  • Chatting
  • Playing games
  • Reading
  • Writing letters
  • Other in-home activities
  • Pet therapey visits


  • Prepare soil for planting
  • Raking leaves
  • Planting & potting
  • Fertilizing
  • Pruning
  • Fall/Spring clean up

Home Maintenance & Repairs

  • Minor repairs
  • Furniture assembly
  • Moving furniture
  • Organizing & decluttering
  • Replace furnace filters
  • Change light bulbs and batteries
  • Home Safety Reviews
    • Smoke detector check
    • Home hazards & recommend repairs

Member Advocate

  • Find reliable home repair contractors
  • Find other needed community resources
  • Problem solve
    • Insurance
    • Medicare
    • Social Security
    • Banking
    • Billing issues
  • Collect documents for tax preparation

Non-medical Support During Recovery Periods

  • Pick up mail
  • Shopping
  • Cooking
  • Assist with laundry
  • Move trash cans to the curb
  • Dog walking
  • Errands

Pickup and Delivery

Purchased items must be prepaid over the phone or internet prior to pickup. Volunteers may not use a members credit or debit card to pay for items. Volunteers may deliver a check written by the member to pay for items. 

  • Pre-paid Grocery order
  • Pre-paid prescriptions
  • Pre-paid restaurant orders
  • Library on-hold items  

Sewing & Mending

  • Mend clothing
  • Alter Clothing
  • Misc Sewing & Mending

Tech Support - MAC/Apple

  • Adding a device (Printer, monitor, keyboard, etc.)
  • Setting up new MAC
  • Help with internet connection
  • Install applications or software
  • Provide basic user instruction

Tech Support - PC

  • Adding a device (Printer, monitor, keyboard, etc.)
  • Setting up new PC
  • Help with internet connection
  • Install applications or software
  • Provide basic user instruction

Tech Support - Other

  • Cell phone 
  • Laptop / Tablet / Kindle
  • TV set up
  • DVD
  • Digital equipment settings (thermostat, clocks, Alexa, Ring Doorbell, tablet, etc.)

Telephone Check-in

Daily phone call from a matched volunteer to check on the well being of members

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